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We are working on incorporating artificial intelligence into digital marketing

Our mission is to contract with advertisers and offer their products to those interested in them using artificial intelligence and reinvest the profit returns in other companies.

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why AY ROBOT ؟

The first company of its kind in smart marketing

The founding team is working on innovating the latest methods in the field of e-marketing so that it employs the machine to offer products and present them to those interested in them, as well as working on contracting with the largest international companies interested in commission marketing.

  • A strong team divided into groups and each group is interested in a department in the world of marketing.
  • Investors from several Arab and foreign countries and a large number of contracts with international companies.
  • Abundant daily profits for investors and a technical support team available at all times.
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our special services

Our best features

We have built a strong team of experts to give us the best results in terms of managing digital projects, following up on their developments and distributing their returns to those who deserve it

Watch your earnings

At AyRobot we have a real-time display of the users' earnings and graphs showing the daily, weekly, monthly and even annual revenue for the user to monitor and compare their earnings.

Balanced profits

AyRobot partners get daily plentiful profits of up to 3% of their deposit volume and get huge investment returns.

Short term investment

The investor in AyRobot can use his money to work on his behalf in the world of e-commerce for a period not exceeding 40 days and he can renew it at any time he wants.

Continuous monitoring

Each group in the work team monitors its project and the level of profits achieved 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and sends the details of the profits to the users in real time.

Various projects

The work team is divided into several groups, each of which undertakes a single marketing project, including product advertisements, commission marketing, and groups for investments in international companies to support the idea of the project.

Invite friends with attractive rewards

When you market a project like AyRobot, you get a bonus for each client who invests in the project up to 3% of the amount of their investment and you also get the same percentage when clients reinvest their same money.


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how it works

Simple steps to complete the site deposit process

Open A New Account

With simple steps, you can create your account on the platform and you will be taken to your control panel.

Deposit the money

Without complexity and in many ways you can deposit money and no commissions on depositing at all.

Get profits

On the same day your investment will be directed and you will get your first profit from it.

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Information of interest

Here are some common questions that may help you with some of your questions

The user can withdraw their profits daily and around the clock if they exceed the minimum account amount of 11 dollars and the processing period of the withdrawal takes from 5 minutes to a maximum of 12 hours.

Yes, all AyRobot projects and all operations of storing and investing funds are Sharia-compliant and completely free from usurious interests.

The minimum deposit amount is $30 and the deposit processing period is from 5 minutes to a maximum of 12 hours...

The minimum withdrawal amount is $11 and the user can make withdrawals at any time.

The investor in AyRobot receives a profit percentage of the project's returns estimated at 50%, and AyRobot spends an estimated 20% of the operating cost of the projects and the remaining 30% is spent on the team.

After the investor opens a new account on the platform and makes a deposit, these funds are transferred to support, build or develop an existing or new project in smart marketing, and the first returns on his investment are calculated from the first day.

When creating an account or logging in to an existing account, the user is directed to his control panel, then he goes to the “Deposit Funds” section. He chooses the appropriate deposit method, whether it is from the free balance on the platform or through digital currencies or electronic banks to show him the wallet address or The platform’s bank, in turn, copies it and transfers money to it, then puts the address of his wallet and the amount he transferred, and waits for the supervisor to confirm the process within a period ranging from 5 minutes to 10 hours.

When creating an account or logging into an existing account, the user is directed to his control panel, then he goes to the “Withdraw funds” section, chooses the withdrawal method, whether it is through digital currencies or electronic banks, then puts his wallet address and the amount he wants to withdraw and waits for the administrator to confirm the process Over a period of 5 minutes to 10 hours.

The frozen balance can be withdrawn or reinvested again after the end of the investment cycle, which is 40 days starting from the moment the deposit is approved.

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